AustinJason.JPGSummary: JS and AT recall an encounter with Mormon missionaries in Utah that inspired them to write and perform a “Mormon Rap” for Rendezvous during the summer of 1987. The rap was so memorable that DS, a younger trekker at the time, used it decades later while teaching Mormon history.

Key words: Abajo Mountains, Mormons, Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints, Run DMC, Star Trek, Nick Evans, Cameron Murphy, Ben Thompson

Jason Smith
Prairie Trek Group II 1985, 1986
Prairie Trek Group III 1987
Base Camp staff 1991

Austin Troy
Prairie Trek Group I 1984
Prairie Trek Group II 1985, 1986
Prairie Trek Group III 1987
Prairie Trek Group III staff 1991, 1992

David Salmanson
Little Outfit 1979, 1980
Prairie Trek Group I 1981, 1982
Prairie Trek Group II 1983
Prairie Trek Group I cook 1987, 1988
Prairie Trek Group II staff 1989, 1990, 1992
Prairie Trek Group I staff 1991, 1992
Family Trek staff 1991
Prairie Trek Group II leader 1993, 1994
Prairie Trek Group III leader 1995
Visiting Scholar 2002, 2006
"The Littlest Outfit" 2006

"The Mormon Rap"
(listen starting at 7:50)

My name is Elder...
My name is Elder...
And my name is Elder Hepper and I’m here to say
That the Mormon religion is the baddest thing today
It started way back in history, with that rockin dude God
And his son JC!

There were many prophets that came and went
And then in 1820, another one was sent
His name was Joseph Smith and he was just fifteen
And when he saw his god he rocked his Christian scene
Hit it elder!

He went up on a hill, his guilt feelings to relieve
And then he saw some angels
- Well that’s what we believe! -
They started in New York and then they moved out West
because they knew in Utah
The nightlife was the best

Joseph Smith DIED
And his friends they CRIED
And then they got together and the church they REVIVED
A few lonely Mormons they did be,
without Joseph Smith or their friend JC

They needed a new prophet to run their lives
To tell them they could have MULTIPLE WIVES!
Brigham Young the fresh prophet, he did say
Marry all you want just as long as you PRAY!

So here we are today, in the land of the free
We got six million members, it’s easy to see
We got these tabernacles to expiate our sins
But unless you’re just like us
You can’t come in!

We got a strong family life to help our souls.
And every Monday evening we make JELLO CASSEROLES
We live in mobile homes in Utah state
With three or four wives, and lawns that look GREAT
We ride around in bikes in shirts and ties
We spread the word of God
We don’t think it’s lies!

So here we are on Earth
A’paying our due
With a religion that sounds like
The weekly world news!