DavidSalmanson.jpgSummary: [Part 1] DS recalls breakfast in the self-contained Little Outfit of 1979-80. Every few days, trekkers were given ingredients to cook their own breakfasts. Rival methods for making Hawaiian Delight. The dreaded tomato juice. [Part 2] Nakedness at the Gulch. As a skinny, small trekker, DS became more comfortable in his body through experiences like showertime and teches.

Key words: Little Outfit, Hawaiian Delight, SPAM, white water, teche

David Salmanson
Little Outfit 1979, 1980
Prairie Trek Group I 1981, 1982
Prairie Trek Group II 1983
Prairie Trek Group I cook 1987, 1988
Prairie Trek Group II staff 1989, 1990, 1992
Prairie Trek Group I staff 1991, 1992
Family Trek staff 1991
Prairie Trek Group II leader 1993, 1994
Prairie Trek Group III leader 1995
Visiting Scholar 2002, 2006
"The Littlest Outfit" 2006