Summary: JB and ASH talks about legacy of Sam Sherwood and how his advice influenced the evolution of the Gulch and Board of Trustees. Introduction of electricity at Basecamp and how kitchen and pool were run before. Story of a belt buckle passed from Hillis Howie to Sam to JB. Effect of Alamo on the water supply. Building of the caretaker’s house. Correspondence with Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Key Words: Catherine Sherwood, Elizabeth Sherwood, Monty Billings, Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Ned Merrell, Tommy Henio, Grandpa Tom Henio, Tom Hunter, Chet Kubit, Kurt Vonnegut

Ann Sherwood Hamze
Turquoise Trail1960, 1961
Base Camp Staff 1962, 1963

John Bloch
Little Outfit 1963
Prairie Trek, Group I 1964, 1965, 1966
Board of Trustees 2004
Family Trek 2009