madelinemarySummary: MHC recounts (in Navajo) the story of a trip the Henio family took with Trekkers to Ramah when she was 16. The caravan included six wagons and three model T’s. MHW translates and recalls the stories she’s been told. MHC remembers having cornflakes, raisins, toast on the grill, fry bread, mutton stew. Played games. Hillis Howie told them that if anyone got lost he would fire a gun so they could find the group. MHC was so ashamed to wear the revealing TT shorts that she brought skirts. Grandpa Tom Henio’s brother Joe was the only translator between Tom and Hillis Howie. The trip from Base Camp to Ramah took two days. MHC remembers her grandfather as a very honest person who would walk 3.5 miles to work in any weather. Always told grandchildren to respect their anglo friends: "You are one day going to live like a white person." How Navajo children were taught to respect their elders. Grandpa Tom taught Trekkers to light a fire without matches.

Key Words: Ruth Allen, Doc Olmstead, Thoreau

Madeleine Henio Chavez
Daughter of Grandpa Tom Henio

Mary Henio Wagner
Turquoise Trail 1964, 1966