Summary: Sisters RM and MM recount story of how Merrells became involved with the Gulch. Learned early on that the Trek is where you go for the summer. Difficulty of following Mr. Howie’s rules with young children. MM remembers hiding from guests while breaking in hiking boots. Importance of spending time with cousins. Intensity of final campfire during Vietnam War. Watching children come to Gulch. Crowning of the Washer Queen.

Key Words: St. Louis, Orchard School, Hillis Howie, Ned Merrell, Peggy Merrell, Tom Hunter, Bill Hunter, Robert Hunter, Barbara Merrell, Sally Merrell, Rick Madden, If You Could Read My Mind, Katie Merrell, Ruidoso, Shannon Merrell, Ellen Merrell, Mark Udall, Mason Rees, Indianapolis

Ruthie Merrell
Turquoise Trail 1971, 1972
Turquoise Trail, staff, 1977

Molly Merrell Madden
Turquoise Trail 1964, 1965
Turquoise Trail, staff, 1966, 1971, 1972, 1973
Prairie Trek, Group I, staff, 1967, 1968
Board of Trustees 2004, 2005, 2006

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