Summary: Importance of music, Tom Hunter. Remember being one of the last groups to ride the train from Chicago. The happy, carefree vibe at the Gulch. The difficulty of going home and intensity of writing letters. The impact of the Gulch on learning at school. Bathing in mud puddles. Magic of being in a group of all girls. Watching children come home from Trek now. Memories of Tom Hunter: his voice, his calm. Tom tricking Becky Weimer into trying to turn van around on a switchback. RM remembers being a cook, food as fuel. Molly knowing location of every DQ in New Mexico. JFW remembers going from KP pusher to cook.

Key Words: Abigail MacKenzie, Chet Kubit, Becky Weimer, Molly Madden, Lisa Wishbon, Linda Langy, Yonatan Weiss, Warner Lake, Alice Hyde, Monty Billings, Molly Madden, Ruth Allen, Page Hummel, Deb Schwartz, Judith Oviatt, Wenda Trevathan, Sue Trevathan, Ruth Lancaster, Larry Barker

Jane Fleisher Weiss
Turquoise Trail 1971, 1972
Base Camp staff 1974

Ruthie Merrell
Turquoise Trail 1971, 1972
Turquoise Trail, staff, 1977

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